Why has James Bond chosen Montenegro?

January 9, 2008   | Turizmi / Turizam

The popularity of the Montenegrin shore and some new infrastructural facilities on it, such as prestigious hotel Splendid, are beginning to find its place in the top notch movie achievements. So for an example the last movie from the series of movies about James Bond with its action is turning around a tensed game of poker in the so – called Casino Royale, which is located in the mentioned hotel in Becici, in Montenegro.
why James Bond and the film crew of the Casino Royale has decided that Montenegro should be the main destination in the Movie? in the last few years Montenegro is one of the most attarctive toruist destinations of Europe. Proclaimed as the Up&Coming destination, Montenegro offers great fun and entertainment for everyone’s taste. natural breathtaking beauties have for sure inspired the crew of the Casino Royale, to connect the main action in the movie with the exotic and the most beutiful part of the Mediterranean.
Today, after the premier of the Casino Royale, Montenegro is becoming more and more popular and wide known destination. Visit the greatest photo gallery of Montenegro and go through the virtual tour which will assure you that this is a place worthwhile of a James Bond. for sure you will enjoy and choose some of the numerous beautiful places, and maybe, just like James Bond, you will play a poker game in some Casino in Montenegro.