Madonna concert in Montenegro 2008

February 14, 2008   | Zbavitje / Zabava

PODGORICA – Pop superstar Madonna is expected to perform in Montenegro, according to Podgorica daily Vijesti.

The daily writes that she will hold a concert there in late August or early September during her world tour to celebrate her 50th birthday and 25-year career.

The concert is expected to take place on Budva’s Jaz beach, where the Rolling Stones played last September.

Madonna is expected to receive USD 5mn for the concert.

The daily writes that the concert was agreed upon with the pop star’s management “thanks to close ties that the Democratic Party of Socialists Vice-President Svetozar Marovi? has, whose idea it was to bring today’s most extrovert pop icon to Jaz beach, following last year’s spectacular Rolling Stones concert.”

“Marovi? convinced Madonna’s managerial team to accept Budva’s offer,” the daily writes.

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