Montenegro In Tourism Push

February 15, 2008   | Turizmi / Turizam

Podgorica _ Montenegro has called on international investors to help develop high-end tourism along its coastline.

The appeal by the country’s Ministry of Tourism and Environmental Protection calls on investors to help draft a preliminary appraisal for construction projects in the area. Successful companies will then be allowed to manage the new tourist complexes once they are constructed.
Ada Bojana island has been identified as one of several key locations for the development of high-end tourism.
The island, about 520 hectares in size, is owned by Montenegro’s government. It is hoping to secure a long-term lease for 100 hectares of the island, for the development and management of a top-quality tourist resort.
But details released Tuesday show the Government may be willing to negotiate the lease of the whole island, provided that around 350 hectares of the island are retained in its natural state.
The Master Plan for the coastal town of Ulcinj envisions the development of high-quality tourism with accommodation facilities of 2,500 beds on Ada Bojana.
The lease is expected to use architecture, design and engineering that meets the highest international standards but also with a style that is in keeping with its surroundings.
Investors interested in bidding for the lease must have prior experience in the development and management of exclusive tourist complexes, and should submit their proposal by May 5, 2008.