Albanians in Montenegro, Macedonia, prepare to celebrate

February 16, 2008   | Shtypi / Mediji

ferhat dinoshaPODGORICA, SKOPJE — Montenegro’s ethnic Albanians should “celebrate Kosovo’s independence at home”.
The comment came form the president of the Democratic Union of Albanians (DUA)in that country, Ferhat Dinoša.
Dinoša told Beta news agency that the announced unilateral decision by Kosovo’s ethnic Albanians to secede from Serbia without Belgrade’s consent will cause “joy and celebration among all Albanians, wherever they live”.
Asked what sort of celebration can be expected in Montenegro, where both ethnic Albanians and Serbs form large minorities, the DUA leader said this would be “best done at home, with friends and family.”
Dinoša added this was “in effect” a call to his fellow Albanians to behave in this way.
“Albanians in Montenegro should behave with dignity as they celebrate and not cause others to feel uncomfortable,” he concluded.
As for Macedonia’s large ethnic Albanian minority, their parties have different views in how to celebrate Kosovo’s declaration of secession.
While the Democratic Party of Albanians (DPA), which is a part of Macedonia’s ruling coalition, sent a message similar to that of Dinoša, and urged home festivities, the opposition Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) will organize celebrations in town squares in the capital of Skopje, Tetovo and Gostivar.
“Because violence does not work in favor of Kosovo’s independence,” a DPA statement said, ” citizens are asked to refrain from incidents and shooting as they celebrate.”
Macedonia’s Ministry of the Interior said that all citizens who wish to cross the border to Kosovo tomorrow will be able to do so, and added there will be “quality control of the border on both sides”.
Macedonian police have in the last year been involved in numerous serious incidents on the border with Kosovo.