A lot depends on where regional tourists will spend their holidays

June 28, 2009   | Bota

Predrag NenezicTourism Minister Predrag Nenezic claims that Montenegro is geared up for better tourism season but it is too soon to make any result forecast. “It is still too early to make prognosis of the main season, because it depends on the decision of the tourists from the region where to spend their holidays. We look at the possible results of this year with more optimism than few months ago” – Nenezic underlined.
Podgorica – Montenegro underwent better preparations for this year’s tourism season than in earlier years, despite the fact that all planned projects have not yet been implemented – said Minister of Tourism, Predrag Nenezic, after yesterday’s session of the government where the Information regarding the implementation of the Action Plan for summer tourism season has been adopted.

The Government determined that more than 35 bearers of the tourist season covered 86% of the activities that were planned, and that the most important projects are fully finished.

– Those projects that were not implemented so far will be finished after the tourist season is over, but what is important we managed to terminate the most important ones. That’s why we are waiting the start of the main year’s tourist season a lot better prepared than it was the case with previous years. Drastic delays and projects that were not carried out this year were mostly cased because we lacked the necessary spatial plan documents and also because the advertisements were not published promptly – Nenezic said.

He said that the statistic for the first quarter of the year shows that the trends are lot better than the expected ones, and because of that the downfall rate in the number of the guests has one figure if we compare it with last year.

– We are expecting that the consequences of the global financial and economic crisis are moderated by the lower downfall rate. It is still too early to give prognosis of the main season, because it depends on the decision of the tourists from the region where to spend their holidays. We look at the possible results of this year’s with more optimism than few months ago – Nenezic said.

Asked to make a comment on reducing the number of flights of Serbian flag carrier JAT towards Montenegro he said that it should not be a surprise because that is the trend in all Europe.

– Those indicators are not followed by the situation on the road borders, although there are present minuses. Expensive air tickets are topic of discussions, and it is clear that those prices do not match the pay-checks of the Montenegrin citizens. Air-companies are not the only ones to blame, because that is a complex activity due to the fact that four airports in Montenegro and Serbia are included in the tickets costs – Nenezic esteemed.

He said that Government is evaluating new offers regarding the arrival of the guests from the region, and added that there is no downfall in the number of guests from Serbia. Information regarding the implementation of the Strategy for Poverty Reduction and Social Inclusion was adopted within the session.

Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Suad Numanovic, reminded that the strategy adopted in July 2007 defined many investments in the sectors of education, public health, social services and employment which were all carried out.

He announced that, so far, nearly EUR 2.7 million was invested in health-service institutions and EUR 4.7 million for medical diagnostic equipment both aimed at improving health care service.

– Special attention has been drawn to implementation of the programme of improving access to health care service for vulnerable and marginalized groups including children and people with disabilities and ethnic minorities such as Roma people – Numanovic emphasized.

In addition, EUR 6.5 million approximately was invested in education infrastructure and the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare paid particular attention to inclusive education and improvement of students’ standard.

He specified that EUR 33.5 million was invested last year in social welfare programmes which has, as he believes, reduced the poverty rate.

– Remarkable results were registered in reducing socials exclusion of vulnerable groups of people and improving life conditions of retired people and Roma population as well as reducing poverty among other vulnerable categories – Numanovic concluded.

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