The rising popularity of Montenegro is attracting investors more and more

March 4, 2012   | Bota

Profi-forex – 01.03.2012

The rising popularity of Montenegro is attracting investors more and more. Business sphere investments are rather attractive in Montenegro. The most widely spread spheres of investments include construction, real estate, export and import of goods, and tourism.

Investments are characterized by high level of cost-effectiveness, especially if to consider the country’s favourable economic climate. What makes Montenegro attractive for investors?

Industry in Montenegro: what is the potential for foreign investors?

As explained by the leading expert of Masterforex-V Trading Academy Evgeny Olkhovski, current leaders of investment inflow are France and Belgium, which in 2004 suggested the country’s government to enter the EU. The owners of numerous enterprises come from these countries:

■ main industries. The key role is played by mining industry, metallurgy, light industry, agriculture, woodworking, cattle breeding, and tourism. Mining industry specializes in producing plumb, alunimium, zinc, and bauxites. The industries are based on partially updated equipment stock. There are about 50 thousand medium and large enterprises in the country; one tenth of them belongs to foreigners. In general, service sector produces over one half of the country’s GDP, and production – about one third;

■ export and import. Non-ferrous metals, clothes, local wine, and chemical products prevail in the structure of export. Moreover, the country bears the status of off-shore area. There is a lack of oil products, industrial goods, and transport means, which are imported from Germany, Russia, and Italy.


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