Miss Globe International 2012 in Ulcinj Montenegro

October 31, 2012   | Bota

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26 October – 10 November

Miss Globe ® 2012 Program

From 26-29 of October contestants’ arrivals at Rinas Airport, (for all the contestants there will be a special desk on the right side of the passport check with the writing Miss Globe receiving desk)Tirana Albania accommodation at the Hotel Tropical Resort( www.tropikalresort.com ) Durres (beach) and photo shooting sessions with the respective national costumes for the MG magazine 2012.

October 30: Tour in Tirana, 10 am departure from Durres with the cabriolet cars(depending on the weather) visit at the National museum, the Albanologique Institute, Arts Gallery, visit at the Ministry of culture tourism and youth, trip to air base of Farke (5 km from Tirana) flight with new helicopters to mountain of Dajti, lunch at the mountain of Dajti at an traditional restaurant with panoramic view of Tirana and trip back to general air force command base fotoshoting with old military aircrafts, trip back to Durres.

October 31: Starts Talent Tour. All participants and guests will leave Durres taking the entire luggage. Travel to Lezha (visit with the Mayer, visit at the National Hero Scanderbeg Memorial, visit the Castle of Lezha). Trip to Ulcinj Montenegro. Meeting with the Mayer, lunch at a traditional restaurant at the castle of Ulcinj. First group of 10 countries prepares for the first Talent show. Dinner and party with the personalities of the city of Ulcinj.

November 01: Departure at 9:30 from Ulcinj arrival at 12:30 at the northern city of Kukes near with Kosovo border. Meeting with the Mayor, lunch at a traditional restaurant, preparing for the second group of miss Talent show. After the show trip to Prishtina Kosovo, accommodation at the hotel Victory

November 02: Visit to different cultural historical and political institutions and preparing for the third group of miss talent show. Dinner and big party in one of the biggest Clubs in Pristine

November 03: After breakfast all the group will travel to the city of Struga Macedonia( one of the most beautiful cities one the lake of Ohrid) meeting with the Mayer lunch and preparing for the final miss Talent show where a winner will be crowned and will have the right to perform her artistic number live on the final show of Miss Globe. Dinner and party to celebrate

November 04: After breakfast, trip to Vlore city. Accommodation at the New York hotel (www.hotelnewyork.al ). Lunch in one of the most beautiful restaurants in the city of Vlore.

November 05: Visits to Southern Albanian Riviera, beautiful beaches, different people, different cultures and different experiences.

November 06 – 09: Rehearsals for the World Final with short visits during the day to the restaurants and clubs.

November 09: General rehearsal on the stage with audience. Announcement of three prizes given during the trip. (Miss Bikini, Miss Talent, Miss Disco Queen).

November 10: World Final Show, direct transmission on different TV stations, terrestrial and satellite waves.

After the final show there will be organized a celebrity party with all the participants and the National Directors.

November 11 – 14: Departure days.

* During the program are planned meeting with highest government personalities as President of Republic of Albania, First Lady of Albania (for a charity campaign), Minister of Culture, Minister of Education.

* This program might have few changes not depending from organizers but in any case all the delegates will be informed one day before.

Source: themissglobe.com

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