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Montenegro is the new hotspot for affordable vacations and Hotel Mediteran Resort in Ulcinj is offering Discounted rates
Come back and stay at the Hotel Mediteran Resort in Ulcinj this season. We are offering great pre-season deals and current prices expire April 15th, 2011. Hurry up and make your reservation now. For rates and terms, Ulcinj is located on the southernmost town in Montenegro and is recognized for having the longest beaches in Eastern Europe and being a popular tourist destination for western and eastern European countries. Here are 8 reasons to visit Ulcinj & stay at the Hotel Mediteran Resort: 1) Safe & Affordable destination... Vazhdo
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Location The southernmost Montenegrin town presents a perfect junction of the East and the West, the modern and the historical, whereas the natural mosaic of Ulcinj with its variety which can enchant everyone, consists of the Adriatic Sea, the River Bojana, Lake Shas, the hundred-year-old olive trees in the Valdanos Bay, the heavenly island Ada and the exuberant vegetation. Ulcinj is one of the most attractive destinations in Montenegro, and the Hotel Corporation Ulcinjska rivijera is the right address for your vacation, recreation and... Vazhdo