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Montenegro: Mixed Emotions on Kosovo
17 February 2008 Podgorica _ While Montenegro’s Albanians were celebrating Kosovo’s independence, parties representing the country’s Serbs were calling for protests against the establishment of the newly-independent state.During the Kosovo Parliament’s sitting, convened to proclaim independence, residents of Tuzi and Ulcinj, areas with sizable Albanian populations, gathered in cafés and at the offices of ethnic Albanian parties, to start the celebrations. Two Albanian parties in Montenegro, the Democratic Alliance, DS, and the... Vazhdo
Albanians in Montenegro, Macedonia, prepare to celebrate
PODGORICA, SKOPJE — Montenegro’s ethnic Albanians should “celebrate Kosovo’s independence at home”. The comment came form the president of the Democratic Union of Albanians (DUA)in that country, Ferhat Dinoša. Dinoša told Beta news agency that the announced unilateral decision by Kosovo’s ethnic Albanians to secede from Serbia without Belgrade’s consent will cause “joy and celebration among all Albanians, wherever they live”. Asked what sort of celebration can be expected in Montenegro,... Vazhdo