Montenegro properties attract foreign investors
Since its establishment in 2006, Montenegro has gained the prestigious status of leading Europe in terms of foreign investment per capita. Recently there has been a surge of interest for the real estate market in Montenegro, which is now being considered as one of the fastest growing property markets in the world. Investors from Europe (UK, Russia), America and the Arab world have pumped hundreds of millions to this growing market in a bid to make quick and significant profits. It should be mentioned that a foreign investor can be the... Vazhdo
Russians prompt boom in Montenegro
his week, Kosovo became Europe’s newest state, a distinction held for the last two years by Montenegro – which declared independence from Serbia in 2006. Russian money is transforming parts of Montenegro But Montenegro keeps another record, it gets more foreign investment per capita than any other country in Europe, well over $1,000 (£515) for each of its 650,000 people. Much of it comes from Russia. Step off the plane in the Montenegrin capital, Podgorica, and the first thing you see is a billboard in Russian: “Come... Vazhdo
Indépendance du Kosovo : le Monténégro entre minorité albanaise et partis pro-serbes
Tandis que le chef de l’Union démocratique des Albanais (DUA) et le ministre de l’Intérieur invitent les Albanais du Monténégro à fêter l’indépendance chez eux, les partis politiques pro-serbes ont convenu d’apporter leur soutien à la Serbie, et de se rendre ensemble à Kosovska Mitrovica le 17 février. Soyez heureux ou tristes, mais restez chez vous Par N.R. Beta /Mina Le ministre de l’Intérieur du Monténégro, Jusuf Kalamperovi?, a exprimé hier son accord avec l’invitation du chef de l’Union démocratique des... Vazhdo

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