The Mayor of the municipality of Ulcinj

Project for hotel Jadran Ulcinj in Video 3D
Animation of hotel in Ulcinj…in video 3D After a strong  earthquake of 1979 old hotel Jadran was ruined and was never build again this is now the project for new hotel Jadran . Hotel Jadran total design area 24.015 m2, government of the republic of Montenegro – Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Ulcinj, Montenegro. Jadran hotel lays on top of a 30 meters cliff overlooking the city Ultsini in the Adriatic. The synthetic problem included the presence of the town – monument opposite to the rock, the large... Vazhdo
Montenegro – Ulcinj: Prices cut by up to 35 percent
Tourism offer of Montenegro presented at the Travel Fair in Pristina: The Tourism Minister Nenezic pointed out that in compliance with the strategic orientation of Montenegro a special attention has been paid to the markets in Central and Western Europe, and in the region. Montenegrin offer is defined by its quality, attractiveness and significantly lower prices. Podgorica – The Ministry of Tourism and the National Tourism Organization (NTO) presented Montenegrin offer at the Travel & Tourism Fair in Pristina yesterday. The Tourism... Vazhdo