Ethnographic Museum in Ana e Malit, in Draginë, close to the border with Albania, it is the first ethnographic museum in Ana Malit region that opened the doors to show visitors the treausers of ethnographic and folklore richness that we have as the Albanian people in this region.
This museum is set up in the family home of Hajredin Kovaçi in Draginë.
This exhibition features old treasure objects old tools of daily life, well guarded in Ana Malit region.
This is the first exhibition that aims, the collection of old spriritual and material value of Ana Malit region. Furthermore it can become more familiar to a more general public, for its significant about the project, in the same time contributing to the strengthening of the general ethnographic museum identity and public side in general, promoting the Ana Malit cultural identity.
Also, it is intended be created as an active network of cooperation with other museums home and abroad, exchanging experiences, promoting culture, information and interacting with each other.
With this activity, it is possible that Ana Malit is not only a tourist attraction but also a country rich in folklore and ethnicity of Albanian people.

Naim Flamuri Facebook

PHOTO: Zenepa Lika Facebook + Naim FlamuriFacebook