Summer Leadership Camp – Ulcinj/Ulqin 2017

The third day of the Summer Leadership Camp started with a visit to Ulcinj Salina. Passing the dilapidated buildings, corroded machinery, muddy salt basins and old wagons, we followed the grass trail along the canal(s).
Zenepa Lika was our guide through one of the largest Salinas in the Mediterranean.
Ulcinj Salina is a unique bird reserve and habitat with 250 bird species of about 500 registered in Europe. Until recently biodiversity of the area was endangered, but International organizations and EU authorities urged the Montenegrin government to save this important nesting ground. The good news is that the Ulcinj Salinas will soon be listed on the Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance, primarily as a bird site.
Ulcinj Salinas represent one of those irreplaceable treasures of nature that should be preserved for the generations to come.