Agron Ibrahimi Translated by Anida Resulbegu

Chairman of the board of HTC “Ulcinj Riviera” Agron Ibrahimi stated that the transfer of ownership in favor of this company by the Government of Montenegro has become the crucial step on privatizing this Ulcinjs company.

“Indeed this is our best opportunity to attract one of the worlds largest investors , which i is clearly obvious and demonstrated by royal group” he stated for “info.ul” webpage.

Ibrahimi also announced that arrival of this powerful and successful company would benefit every citizen of this municipality.

This company will stimulate other foreign companies to invest in our city of Ulcinj. This tidal investment will lift up the spirit of Ulcinj-notes he by adding that The Mayor of Ulcinj Fatmir Gjeka (investment advisor) claims that with Government of Montenegro exists excellent cooperation.