Contract on construction of aqua park at Ulcinj signed – Turkish PolinAqua Park in Stoj-Ulcinj ready to begin  with construction

Translated by Aleksandar Gazivoda

Turkish company ” Polin ” is ready to begin from tomorrow , so-called , research works , while at the same time and the work for the final project of construction of the Aqua Park writes daily news ” Pobjeda ” .

By this newspaper Mayor of Ulcinj Fatmir Gjeka said that after the decision of the Ministry of Finance , the situation is made ​​even more clear by expressing the conviction that in the next few days all the problems will be solved .

“If this investment which is worth 7.5 million euros  fails , many will be at loss, especially residents of Shtoj , but also Rudovic family because  experiences shows that the price of land in the immediate surroundings of aqua parks grows three to six times ” , writes the newspaper “Pobjeda” and concludes that the movement now is to state authorities .