Reklame-Sapore Di Mare Beach Ulcinj
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Sapore Di Mare is located on the way that leads for Albatros. It is a rocky beach but very suitable for sunbathing and swimming since the wind the more refreshing the more irate doesn’t blow in this part of pine trees.
Restaurant-Sapore Di Mare Beach Ulcinj

Sapore Di Mare is a small beach, the entrance of which is surrounded by pine trees and family feelings dominate the ambience. However, everyone who wants to experience real summer holidays should go downstairs where you will be welcomed by a vivid summer ambience, overlooking wonderful view of the sea, crystal water as well as music sounds that get mingled with the noise of sea waves and make you possible to spend pleasant moments in Ulcinj.
Sapore Di Mare Beach Ulcinj Montenegro

Sapore Di Mare is equipped with comfortable sun-loungers, parasols, sanitary facilities as well as a bar and a wonderful restaurant that offers traditional and international cuisine, delicious dishes, hot and refreshing drinks, salads, desserts, etc. The restaurant is opened during the whole day and night, so you can visit it whenever you need to feel the romantic ambience, the light breeze and the sound of sea waves that can be experienced only in here, on Sapore Di Mare beach.