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Tampico is located at the fifth kilometer of the Long Beach, on the way that leads for Ada Bojana. It is very easy to get to this magic oasis since road signs will lead you till the beach parking.

Tampico has its own history. Years ago, before the beach was opened, a group of professionals, actors and film directors have recorded part of the film Brothers Bloom, from which the name Tampico derived.

They have also built a cottage in a Mexican style for their own reasons, which is today transformed into a lovely restaurant, where you will be served by a professional and attentive staff delicious food, fish specialties, salads, pizzas and various drinks.

Apart from the restaurant, the beach provides also comfortable sun loungers with special panels, wide parasols, dressing rooms, sanitary facilities (toilets and showers) as well as small stores where you can find everything you need for a beautiful day on the beach.
There is also a kids’ corner, small football and volleyball pitch, etc.

Fine and healthy sand, clean environment and high quality service have made local and foreign tourists to visit and enjoy in Tampico.

Let yourself enjoy only wonderful memories from Tampico!