Bicycle excursion, alternative for Ulcinj-Biking-in-MontenegroTranslated by Anida Resulbegu

According to the information we hold during 2010, the tourism situation in Ulcinj for autumn and winter season was very successful. Visitors are mostly interested for culture and heritage of the city, architectures, history, museums, churches and culture monuments. Ulcinj’s potential for adventure tourism, ecotourism, rafting on the Bojana River and cycling tours on the outskirts of Ulcinj receives a great deal of interest.

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A new alternative proposal for working on a project to construct a bicycle route for passage with bikes from Ulcinj to Velipoj or Murican is being reconsidered. Therefore cyclists will be able to move throughout the course of the River Bojana , starting from Skadar, and reach up to delta of the Bojana River. The new bicycle route will start from the city of Montenegro, Ulcinj and will include outskirts around Bojana River between Sukobina-Murican-Skadar and Velipoja. The final deadline of creating bicycle path should be done, marking them, creating a site etc. The Ministry of sustainable development and tourism and Municipality of Ulcinj should be leading the project for constructing a route for bicycle crossings. Bike tourism lovers are using current routes, equipped with maps in order to find their way from one place to another. Usually tourists accommodate in hotels of Ulcinj, or in camps.

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Indeed Ulcinj coast differs from the downstream of the river, which is well urbanized. Lack of special paths for cyclists in Montenegro is compensated to a certain extent by beautiful vistas and picturesque villages on the shore of the Bojana River. Tourist with bicycles could visit natural reservoirs, churches, monasteries, mosques, Rocky Mountains that have been there since the era of the Middle Ages. Some of them participate in culinary competitions and folk festivals.

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Nature in this part of the Bojana River is wild. This is extremely attractive for foreign tourists. Through the bank of Bojana River there are regions where you would not be able to find any populated settlement. There is very difficult to find a hotel. Therefore tourists must be informed in advance where to spend the night.

The municipality of Ulcinj should submit how to find information about the settlements and a possible placing through the course of the Bojana River along whit establishing an information center directing the tourists to  where to get maps and necessary guidelines.