School  Lessons

Dolcinium  Kite surfing School is a Ulcinj Velika Plaza based, premier kite surfing school offering highest quality kite surfing lessons on a daily basis between  May and October. We are here to help customers learn to kite board safely in Montenegro and are the only school in Ulcinj that do professional one on one instruction, teaching beginners to learn kite surfing efficiently, safely and whilst having a blast.  We take our school seriously and want to provide the best possible experience to our customers.

Take a lesson with us or buy a trainer kite and get started in what is most likely a pivotal moment in your life, the day you started flying power kites!  A day no doubt that will lead you on a new path of more fun in your life, new passion and vitality through fun and exercise.

Whatever you choose, Kite surf club Dolcinium can be your gateway to kite sports.  Give us a call after you have had a browse around.  We wish you steady winds and blue skies.

Lesson 1

As a newcomer to kite boarding the place to start is at lesson 1. This includes instruction over 2 hours on:

  • How to set your kite up
  • How to launch with an assistant
  • How to self launch
  • How to fly the kite [with plenty of hands on practice throughout the lesson]
  • How to water re launch the kite
  • 3 methods of self rescue
  • How to choose a safe kiting location
  • Basic meteorology and wind knowledge
  • How to operate a kite’s safety systems
  • Give way rules

Towards the last half hour of the lesson we get in the water, practice a few water reliance’s and then do some downwind body dragging whereby you’re in control of the kite, generating as much or as little power as is comfortable to have the kite tow you through the water, downwind . . . a lot of fun!

Lesson 2

As a refresher from your first lesson, lesson 2 begins with you setting the kite up on your own with your instructor alongside to coach if you need it.

Afterwards the focus is on upwind body dragging, the technique employed to get back to your board should you come off practicing your board skills or doing tricks. You’ll also learn how to fly the kite one handed and launch the kite on your own.

We then go onto the theory of a board start and immediately afterwards get in water and put theory into practice! By the end of lesson 2 you’ll have achieved your first attempt at getting up on the board.

Lesson 3

Focuses solely on board skills. Beyond getting you up and running this includes how to maintain a course and how to turn around, how to deal with excess speed, riding upwind, holding a good edge and your first jump.