The Croatian retail chain -Agrokor-Mercator-UlcinjTranslated by Anida Resulbegu

The news that the Croatian retail chain “Agrokor”- the largest in Central and Eastern Europe who is taking over “Solaris” is one of the best things that could happen to Ulcinj reports portal

The arrival of so powerful and reputable company whose annual income is 7 billion euros will have a dramatic economic effect on the economy of Ulcinj and beyond. There is no doubt that this will have a positive effect in other companies, and be able to see Ulcinj as a desirable destination for investors.

Ivica Todorovic the owner of “Agrokor” the richest man in the Balkans is undoubtedly well informed, therefore he already occupies the best possible starting position for what is coming: large investments in Long beach and Ada.

According to our findings, Todorovic with foreign partners are interested to invest, as it is quite probable of building his own trade business center.

It will offer a significant number of new jobs, therefore it is required to prepare young people for what is coming and not to mention tourist facilities. Therefore, only the positive spirit and such investments will raise the tide of Ulcinjs economy.

Ulcinj will be a pleasant place for living for all its residents and tourists.