How to travel to Ulcinj - MontenegroHow to travel to Ulcinj

Translated by Aleksandar Gazivoda

By airplane.The nearest airports to Ulcinj are those of Tivat 75km and the airport of Podgorica just 85km from Ulcinj. Other airports near to Ulcinj are those of Dubrovnik(Croatia) 185km,Tirana(Albania) 140km.
Air companies that regularly fly to Montenegro are:Montenegro Airlines,Air Serbia,Turkish Airlines,Austria Airways and Ryanair,while during the summer numereous charter companies travels to montenegrin airports.
When you arrive in one of those airports you can travel to Ulcinj by bus,taxi or by renting a car.

By train.The final destination of montenegrin railway is the city of Bar which is only 35km from Ulcinj.Once you are in Bar you can travel to Ulcinj by bus,where the bus station is located in front of railway station,by a taxi or renting a car.


By car.If you decide to travel by car to Ulcinj you just have to follow the road signs and enjoy the magnificient panorama that montenegrin mountains and coastline offers to you.

Ferryboat.If you decide to experience the sea and sail to Montenegro than you should travel by ferriboat which regularly relates from port of Bar(Montenegro) to Port of Bari(Italy) and in return,also during the summer season ferriboat relates from Port of Bar(Montenegro) to port of Ancona(Italy).


By bus.Bus is also one of the transportation ways to arrive in Ulcinj.Bus relates from every city of Montenegro every day regularly and during the summer on daily bases from every city of region countries.

When you decide to travel to Ulcinj you need to consult your Touristic or Travel Agencies which is the the best way of traveling for you.

After you decide to enjoy the sun,wide sandy beaches,wild beauty,the unic hospitality of Ulcinj’s citizens,numerous sightseeings that Ulcinj has to offer to you and relaxing nights,than every road will bring you here.


How to travel to Ulcinj - Montenegro-mapOther informations about Ulcinj.
Currency: Euro.
Phone operators:Telenor(1188),T-com(1515),M-tel(1600).