Zenepa-Lika-Green-Culture-Expedition-2016-Ada-Bojana – Ulcinj-Montenegro-Born in Ulcinj/Montenegro, she moved to Germany with her parents, where she completed her studies. She started with economics but her passions have always been history of art and architecture. She decided to quit economics and begun to study architecture at the Bergische Universtät Wuppertal, where she earned her diploma in 2005. She has worked in several offices and in September 2008 she decided to stay for 2 years in Montenegro in order to improve the native languages, albanian and montenegrin.

Zenepa-Lika-Green-Culture-Expedition-2016-Ada-Bojana – Ulcinj-Montenegro-1
Back to Germany, she worked as a freelance architect. Her focus was the redevelopment and the refurbishment of existing buildings that were listed under protection. After 2 years in Montenegro, where she has also worked as an architect, among other things she was very much active in nature conservation and protection projects. Along with “same thinkers” she organized the exhibition “Volim svoj Grad – E dua qytetin tim!? which aimed to raise awareness of how beautiful Ulcinj and its surroundings are, and it focused on attracting interest on how “unlovely and disrespectfully” the territory is been treated by the residents. The devastation of Montenegro’s unique nature and the “ambivalence” of it, like her friends use to say talking about Montenegro, became her task increasingly. After 4 Years in Germany she has got a call from Ulcinj and they offered her the Deputy Mayor – position, which she accepted immediately. Since July, 2014 her working areas are not only representative she is involved in nature protection & conservation and urban planning. Since March 2015 she is the coordinator for the Ulcinj Salina protection. She follow her own statement: “if something should change then you have to be engaged. You have to lead by example. Not every time easy, but it’s getting everyday easier!”

Source: Green Culture Facebook