The opening of the tourist season in UlcinjTranslated by Anida Resulbegu

The official start of the tourist season in our city of Ulcinj passed in the usual rhythm. Thanks to Tourism Organisation of Ulcinj, which were organizers of the event “All for tourism” , a lot of tourists and visitors came from the region and were welcomed by nice and warm weather.

The opening of the tourist season in Ulcinj-1

On the streets, especially at the small beach and along the Promenade one had the feeling as if it was the peak season.

Beaches were officially opened where many events such as cultural events and youth events with music performances were held. It was especially interesting in Ada Bojana, but also in other places which made the city look like as if it was at the peak season.

The opening of the tourist season in Ulcinj.2

In the Old town, as a part of the “All for Tourism”, a film promotion was organized regarding the painters from the region that presented the history of Ulcinj through images on canvases. It was part of a project organized by the “Artist Colony” with the Mayor’s help.
The opening of the tourist season in Ulcinj-3
However, photos taken on the Promenade and in front of the Small beach, speak about a phenomenon that has followed our tourism for years. A large number of vehicles of all types and categories towards the Promenade created unnecessary traffic, blocking the space for pedestrians and mothers with children. Even “inert” Law enforcement officers were not able to maintain order, arguing that the Municipality should bring in the ban of the movement and parking in some areas.
The opening of the tourist season in Ulcinj-4
However, cars and bikes parked on the sidewalk violated the law. It would be advisable to completely ban traffic in some parts of the city, except for priority vehicles; order and discipline in traffic must be introduced if we expect a real tourism. This is only a well-intentioned criticism, from a man who loves his city and craves for the old tourism we once had.

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