Ladies Beach, Ulcinj MontenegroAt the southernmost city of Montenegro, in Ulcinj, at the bay between hotel Albatros and Galeb is located “Ladies’ Beach” that doctors are recommending for the treatment of infertility because of its curative effects of sulfur-mineral springs.

As the name of the beach indicates, it is only visited by women. Ulcinj Riviera has a predisposition for elite and health tourism, while “Ladies’ Beach” offer is definitely a peculiar one. In the shallows of  “Ladies’ Beach” springs sulfur-mineral water. Thermal water is for the first time tested 81 years ago, when its effective action was pointed. “Ladies’ Beach” has an effective action, not only for gynecological diseases, primary and secondary infertility, but also for diseases of respiratory and of the digestive tract. The sulfuric beach is located in a bay, in the middle of pine forest, presenting an ideal setting for the treatment of above mentioned diseases by natural factors. Sulfuric water springs in the shallows. When waves splash clean sulfuric seawater, they create ideal micro and macro molecules suitable for natural aerosol therapy.
Ladies Beach, Ulcinj Montenegro.1

It is very desirable for barren women to visit “Ladies’ Beach” at dawn, sunbathe and swim completely naked. The beach can be visited only by women from May to October, while during winter season it can be visited also by men and children because of its beautiful environment. At the beach entrance is featured a table, that informs about “Ladies’ Beach” in three languages, being during summer regulated by the necessary supporting facilities.

Otherwise, the beach in a small bay is naturally sheltered by pine forest so that the pedestrian paths do not see. The beach is mostly pebbly. On the left side lies concrete rocky part, while the right side of rocks is left in a natural setting. On the far right is the cave. Some also drink sulfuric water. People who live in Ulcinj know the intimacy of “Ladies’ Beach” and the culture of living of residents do respect it.
Ladies Beach, Ulcinj Montenegro.2

“Ladies’ Beach” attendance has been rising steadily the last twenty years. Water temperature is approximately of 23 -25 degrees, making you possible a six month period of bathing. Ulcinj has 194 days in a year in the course of which more than six hours a day are sunny, making ideal conditions for heliotherapy.

The greatest feeling is in the morning, when you can feel the combination of pine forest smell and the minerals that emanate from water. You feel how your lungs expand.

Cave in the beach area is a mystery itself. The rocks are full of shells. In the shallows, the water has the color of depth, dark green. There is also felt the density of water. “Ladies’ Beach” faces a superb natural countryside.

There are many legends connected to Ladies’ Beach. A rich woman from Begovic family was infertile. But, the family was looking for posterity.  A person, of those times, consulted the woman to go to a promontory, where the water smells. She was very persistent and the conception happened.
Ladies Beach, Ulcinj Montenegro.4

A legend made up another one.  Infertile women go to the beach early in the morning of a ritual. She comes at the beach bathed by an older woman who knows the rite. An infertile woman after staying on the beach, naked enters the water and moves around the rock three times, which is located at the entrance of the cave itself.  After that, she leaves part of the clothing and goes.

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