Ulcinj has always been a town ideal to train sportsmen, and in the hotels of Velika Plaža, top sportsmen have been preparing since a long time ago, top sportsmen from the whole Balkan peninsula. If you have chosen Ulcinj only for touristic reasons, you can hardly resist the spirit of the Orient, and then leave your favourite beach or hotel in which you are staying at least for a couple of hours to give yourselves to walking around the town. Regardless where you are spending your day, on nicely arranged beaches, on nudist beaches in the naturist complex of Ada Bojana or on Velika Plaža – you will get the best recreation in Ulcinj.

You should spend the first days resting on the beach, have dinner in one of the restaurants, go for a walk in the town, visit the Old Town, and when you wish to experience an adventure, use the possibility to rent a boat or a ship and with the help of the local fishermen or professional divers you can sail to some new beach, or to the island which is called Old Ulcinj or to the Valdanos cove and get to know the underwater world of Ulcinj. On your way you will see fascinating rocky beaches as well as human-untouched areas. If you are a skillful diver, then the Ulcinj beaches and coves are places perfectly made for you. Not far from the shore, under the surface of the sea, you can see shipwrecks from the First and Second World War, and a few Ulcinj diving clubs offer the possibility not only to rent the complete professional equipment, but to get some training if you want to become a diver.

On the river Bojana, which is in the vicinity, you can try your hunting or fishing ability – in winter hunting snipes, and in summer the fish called „Lica“. The nice host will gladly take you fishing by boat and introduce you with all the small fishermen secrets as well as interesting fishermen stories. Both on the river Bojana and on Port of Milena you can see numerous „kalimeras“ – attractive wooden cottages with gadgets for a special way of fishing which is still used. If you are not a fisherman, but you do like fish, then you can choose one of the many fish restaurants on the water, where you can taste different sea specialties and fish caught in a traditional way.

The most beautiful and attractive destination is Ada Bojana. Those who have already experienced Ada will say that it can supply you with energy and willingness, it disperses negative thoughts, unites you with intact nature and teaches you how to live again. Those who enjoy horse-riding can rent a horse, others can go sailing, defeat great waves and swim and enjoy the sand with curing abilities. It is also possible to kite surf, paraglide, windsurf, and the pleasant winds blowing from the sea make such waves on the beach of Ada, which make it possible to windsurf like on Hawaii. If you like less dynamic kinds of recreation, a real recommendation is a drive to Lake Shas. By renting a wooden boat or a dinghy, you can float through the dense rush, reed, or willow thicket along the lake, and at the same time watch 260 kinds of birds by the use of binoculars.

Ulcinjska Rivijera

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