There are various things you can do on Montenegrin coast if you need more than sunbathing.
Four paragliding clubs are organizing paragliding events on Montenegrin coast for those who love extreme sports.

Starting points are Brajići, Lovćen, hill Vrsota behind Bar and Paštrovska gora behind Petrovac, so if you are interested…

Those who know how to fly (have license) can fly, but also those who can’t. The latter can fly with a pilot – of course.
– For the tourists who have never flown before and would like to, a tandem flight is 60 euros, and for friends of the club and those who book the flight in advance the price is 40 euros – Predrag Kotlaja says, a pilot of the club “Paraglajding Montenegro”.

– Anything can happen up in the air – some people get scared, but most who come to us have already decided to take a chance and fly – so they close their eyes and go. You can relax so nicely in the air and can have a beautiful view of the sparkling Adriatic Sea.

For a safe flight the most important thing is to have good conditions: wind from the sea and a sunny day. If these two are missing, then there is no flight.

– Wind from the sea is necessary to lift up the craft, which is very light, and you need sun because it heats the surrounding rocks which let the warm air out which in the end helps the flight start easily – says Predrag.

That is why you can fly only from 10.00 to 18.00 hours, not a minute after that because the wind from the inland starts blowing, which is not good for the flight.

While some people fly like birds, those with less courage choose parasailing – a parachute attached to a motorboat.

There are dozens of parasailing clubs on Montenegrin coast which can organize parasailing for you.

This experience is also unforgettable, but also less dangerous.

Source: “Večernje novosti”

Paragliding Montenegro

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