buzuku-montenegro-oliveTranslated by Arijeta Ljeskovac

An old saying says that an Olive tree bears a strong resemblance to the mother figure. This tree bears fruits even after being severely neglected. Unlike the olive tree, the vine metes out punishment in case of being uncared for.

The Olive grove was highly untended during the 70’s and 80’s. During that particular period of time, the indigenous people dealt with tourism, which proved to be an extremely successful walk of life. Throughout that course of time, pesticides and artificial fertilizers were used all over Europe. Numerous agricultural sites were found to be contaminated. Nowadays, these substances are a prerequisite for the growth of Olive trees.

Mystery of the Olive Tree in Ulcinj-Montenegro

The Olives grove faces huge problems. Only 70% of the grove area is harvested each year. The state aid is low, and the imported oil is mostly mixed with other edible oils of dubious quality, thus, the price in supermarkets is circa 5€.

Most natives sell their product for 6-8€ per litre. After maceration, a great deal of the native population stores the product in poor conditions, thus causing the loss of the product’s quality.

The recent years have witnessed a huge interest in cultivating the olive trees.

Nowadays, we have circa 86.000 olive trees. A fifth of the Olive grove area is situated in Valdanos Bay, where the trees are being destructed and untended for 37 years in a row. The estimated cost of wear and tear exceeds 100 million €. One-third is hardly ever harvested. The Olive grove area has become a highly construction site, where people set the trees ablaze on purpose. From all this, we can see that our Olive grove lags far behind.

The good mills accelerate the process of extraction, thus resulting in high-quality olive oil.

Mystery of the Olive Tree in Ulcinj - Montenegro

The Government stated that the Olive grove area deserves a great deal of attention, and a lot will be done to revitalize the existing trees and planting the new ones.

The owners are requiring a faster implementation of the operational programs which stand for the planting of olive trees; furthermore, they are looking for the revitalization of the old, neglected, and untended trees throughout the ages. The last but not the least, the owners are looking for loans with an effective annual percentage rate (4-5% monthly interest)

For farmers, loans under 12 years are considered short-termed.

There is always a lot of anticipation about the upcoming harvest. An extremely good harvest might be followed by two or three bad ones.


People had been living this way hundreds of years in anticipation of a good harvest. Seamanship, trade, agriculture, and handicraft were highly developed.

The past should be our best teacher, since we all tend to move towards a brighter future.

The True Story of Noah

Noah (Nuh a.s), the Prophet, was resting on Mount Ararat (Xhudij). Soon he sent forth a dove, to check whether the waters have subsided from the face of the ground. The dove returned to him in the morning, bearing a freshly plucked olive branch. This way, Noah knew that the Almighty God forgave their wickedness, and remembered their sins no more. The olive branch was the indicator of peace and a whole new life. Everything started to bloom once again, the Earth became more habitable.

Mystery of the Olive Tree in Ulcinj-Montenegro-1

The Natives will find their inner peace, wisdom, and prosperity, once they go back to the olive cultivation.

The olive tree has been considered sacred by numerous nations. Every single branch is considered sacred. For everyone who consumes this sacred liquid will enjoy the blessings. God sent showers of blessings upon this tree therefore the blessing will spread out to all the nations. The blessings of this tree have always increased in case people loved and cherished one another. People lived in hope and expectation, but always fulfilled with inner peace and calmness.

Medical studies confirm the words of the prophets, suggesting that this oil is loaded with health benefits. This oil is packed with antioxidants that fight the anti-aging process. It eliminates apathy, concern, strengthens the nervous system, and ennobles the human spirit.  /Mustafa Canka