Ada Bojana Nudist beaches in Montenegro.2Our pearl “Ada Bojana” has unleashed its door to foreign tourists

Translated by Arijeta Ljeskovac

The news about Ada Bojana is being repeated every single year on a larger scale. This year is no exception to the rule. But there is no indicator that backs up the story of the long-awaited complex. In a nutshell, there is much ado about nothing. A lot of appealing offers were literary handed on the plate to foreign investors throughout the years.

The Government has been using enchanting and captivating images to catch and allure the attention of the investors. Photo-realistic renderings depict images of wild beauty and tourists at liberty to be nude.

The Government blames the financial turmoil as the only reason why the investors are not showing up. Yet, the problem is many-headed. The financial crisis and the inefficiency of the Montenegrin Government are pointed out as the main reason why the investors are not breaking the silence.

Ada Bojana is a heaven for nude bathing. German tourists were the first ones to tread the sand of this island. Germans, famous artists, politicians, and notable people headed towards this haven throughout the decades.


The Minister of Tourism, Miodrag Mijovic fought against the vehement prohibition of nudity. During the seventies, an offer to build a complex of 2000 beds was put forward by the Head of the European Tour Operator “Obena”, but it was turned down. Having the offer rebuffed, the Head of “Obena” turned to Zadar. Despite the patriarchal views regarding the nude beach, the Congo Bungalows came into being in 1973. With the nude beach and bungalows, Montenegro was not lagging behind the rest of the world. Soon, Germans were not the only ones to hit the shore. Scandinavians joined the club. Everything turned to be a bed of roses, with tourism full steam ahead.  Every single person looked up to the initiator if the idea of Congo Bungalows, Miodrag Mijovic.

The news about Ada Bojana echoed the world. The Former Chancellor of Germany, the leader of Social Democratic Party, statesman and politician, Willy Brandt, was in Ulcinj during the seventies.

The Former Chancellor was welcomed by the Mayor, Marko Kaludjerovic, and the worker, Alija Pesku.

There were no journalists present. Willy Brant was mesmerized and taken aback by the wild beauty. The news about the leader of Social Democratic Party staying at Ada Bojana, leaked out. Having heard the news, the German tourists rushed towards the Montenegrin Pearl, Ulcinj.

The Bosnian Communist politician and the Prime Minister of Yugoslavia, Dzemalj Bijedic, as well as Janko Smole, the Federal Secretary for Finance, spent unforgettable days in Ulcinj.

Foreign tourists moved towards other destinations after the breakup of Yugoslavia. The breakup completely changed the structure of tourism. The foreign tourists were largely substituted by tourists from Serbia and Montenegro. The last decade has witnessed the arrival of Russians, Germans, as well as tourists from Subotica, Novi Sad, Belgrade, etc.

Ada Bojana Nudist Spiaggia,Montenegro

“The doors of Ada Bojana have been unleashed to foreign tourists” – states Ana Zivanovic, the PR of HTP “Ulcinjska Rivijera”.

Great deals of Agencies have shown immense interest regarding Ada Bojana at the trade fairs.

The old bungalows have been renovated. Competitive pricing strategy is being widely used.