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One of the most attractive and healthy parts of Ulcinj is the pine wood located on the hill above the Small Beach, approximately 1km away from city center.

The pine wood has attracted and even more attracts numerous foreign and local tourists due to its curative, recreational and aesthetic effects, fresh air and sulfuric springs.

This part of the city is usually referred as “our lungs” by many local inhabitants because numerous experienced doctors have written about the curative and healthy functions of pine wood in Ulcinj. Not accidentally various famous poets and people of art inspired by the beauties of nature have written about its decorative and aesthetic functions referring to this wonderful part of the city as “the golden one” or the pearl of the city.

In fact, it is a majestic and special promenade, surrounded by pine trees, under the shade of which you can walk through, relax and get rid of your stressful life, visit different beaches located along the way or just have a short break drinking a coffee or eating some light food at one of the splendid restaurants that enjoy seafront location overlooking the endless sea and alluring skyline.

Apart from the fresh air, there should be also mentioned rocky beaches, especially the Ladies’ Beach, well known for its curative effects, particularly for barren women who want to heal sterility. Thanks to these sulfuric springs many women became mothers on the recommendation of their doctors.

If you have ever thought about the ideal location to enjoy the most stunning sunset in the world, you are on the right place. You can enjoy and feel many experiences and adventures in just one moment. Breathe fresh air, get relax and enjoy your life.

So, the importance of pine wood in Ulcinj is undisputable!

You should enjoy the beauty of nature and preserve it!

Whereas, they who haven’t seen it yet, should visit pine wood and be convinced!