Contract on construction of aqua park at Ulcinj signed – Turkish PolinTranslated by Anida Resulbegu

Representatives of the well- known company “Polin” has announced that the investment of aqua park in Shtoj was dismissed because the legal predispositions have been met yet.

“Land is still the subject of court litigation, which itself holds the certain risk”announced Sahret Hajdarpashiq for local news “Vijesti”

He emphasized for “Polin” that he is familiar with fact that the property belongs to government, but he can not avoid the fact that land is still subject of court litigation. “We can start the building process even though we would be risking temporary sanctions from the court. This could include ceasing our work” he stated.

Hajdarpashiq announced that municipality and government of Ulcinj are very responsible, but highlighted the lack of the legal predispositions which is absolutely required to achieve the investment valuable 7,5 million Euros.