Fed Cup – The World Cup of Tennis-Ulcinj-Montenegro-Tourism and Sport – The two cogs in a wheel

Translated by Arijeta Ljeskovac

This week stuck out for the prominent event “Fed Cup”. The event took place from 11-16 April, on the clay courts of Hotel Bellevue, Ulcinj, Montenegro.

The event was organized in Ulcinj for the third time by the Montenegro Tennis Association in collaboration with the FED Cup. Clay courts of Hotel Bellevue were the meeting points of tennis players from: Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Greece, Norway, Tunisia, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Armenia, Ireland, Iceland, Madagascar, Cyprus, Algeria, Mozambique, and Morocco. Tennis players from all over the world had the chance to grab and keep the attention of numerous fans for a whole week. The racquet sport is becoming more powerful, more popular, every single year. There were numerous hard-fought matches. There were a lot of backhands, forehands, “blood, sweat and tears“.

Fed Cup – The World Cup of Tennis-Ulcinj-Montenegro-2

Tennis players fought hard for three main reasons.

1.      They represented the colours of their flags

2.      They represented themselves in the best possible light

3.      They climbed their way to the way top of the list.

Tennis players notably represented their states. Apart from breathing new life into the lungs of this place, the Fed Cup event shed some light on the real values of this ancient town making it stand out like a sore thumb.

Ulcinj turned into an assembly point for the third time in a row. The fans coming from remote places of Europe and Africa got carried away by the positive energy.

With the help of this majestic event, Ulcinj keeps sending powerful messages worldwide, being a worthwhile place, worth the time, money, and effort. This very event shows that tennis is a melting pot of all languages. Similar events serve to pave paths for a brighter future. All sports, including tennis, bring people together, people from every single nation, religion, orientation, and walk of all.  The tennis players left Ulcinj carrying medals along with cultural, archeological values of this town. Therefore, tennis serves a double purpose, firstly it brings sport back to life, and secondly, it removes the dust off of this long-forgotten place.

Fed Cup – The World Cup of Tennis-Ulcinj-Montenegro-3

With cheap accommodation deals, Ulcinj will become a haven for fans and tennis clubs from all over the world.

Tourism and sport need to be intertwined to bring forth a great deal of tourists. Tourism and sport, the two cogs in a wheel, will move the vehicle towards a better future. Tennis will help both the building of the roads and highways and the promotion of tourism. The two interlaced things, respectively, sport and tourism, will take the name of this place to a whole new level. In case this happens, the older generations will witness the tourism of the ‘70s and ’80 once again.

Gjekë Gjonaj