shas-_sas-_svac-_montenegro-Translated by Anida Resulbegu

Due to historical, archaeological, natural values etc, archaeological ruins of Shas / Šas / Svač are affecting the development of mass tourism in this particular zone- it was stated by tourists from other parts of the world.

The excavations made during the years of ancient town of Shas / Šas / Svač, including the past archaeological expeditions, brought an interesting discoveries to light, which will be presented in an archaeological museum, that may be lift off in the village of Shas / Šas / Svač – said a Hungarian archaeologist, during a visit to Shas.

He also said that this archaeological site includes a range of archaeological and natural values, which attracts foreign investors.

Shas / Šas / Svač should not only attract touristic groups, but also domestic and foreign archaeologists. Among other things, we must promote the idea of opening an archaeological museum in that area. During the touristic season, Shas should be part of domestic and foreign guide operators.

Shas is situated in a dominant and favorable place, the area is very attractive and the living is satisfactory. Some investments should be done, while others are highly seen as prioritized like the road that connects city of Ulcinj with Shas / Šas / Svač archaeological Park. An improvement would give a new glow, especially for development of daily tourism.

Currently the municipality does not provide any profit, whereas residents provide profit from beekeeping, livestock, agriculture and handicraft products. All handicrafts, besides their native motives, will have the figure and object imitation discovered during archaeological excavations of the ancient city of Shas / Šas / Svač. This is considered as a highly profitable business, and already should initiate the first steps.

As high profitable business that attracted the attention of foreigners in recent years are also handicraft products. Known for their traditional manufacturing such as tapestry ,carpets, woolen blanket etc,”Ana e Malit” is using this, not only to increase their income, but also as an opportunity to preserve their inherited tradition in years.

Shas / Šas / Svač is located a few kilometers from the town of Ulcinj, in a dominant position,where the ancient civilization continues to provide interest. Discoveries made in it, are already subject of imitation for all handicraft products. One of most important discoveries would be “Figure of Shas / Šas / Svač” but also plenty of objects that ancient civilization for centuries has preserved in its bosom and other archaeological excavations will be the object of handicraft imitation, which should already start.

A handicraft complex should be established in “ana e malit” other possibilities are visible like establishing wards, the carvings in wood and shedding of bronze in the ancient city of Shas / Šas / Svač. All products and facilities will be derived from wood carving and bronze shed which will be marketed together with handicraft “handicraft of Ana e malit”. All this kind of business, would not only increase income, but will create premises for increasing visitors and development of daily tourism. All souvenirs that will be launched in the market, despite the fact that it would be imitations, will align with the authentic ones. Presented in a new version, they will undoubtedly attract the interest of local and foreign buyers. Anyone who would go to visit Shas / Šas / Svač will preserve a relic from there, whether the mimicry, as this is seen as an opportunity to restore the luster of a civilization, which raised Shas at the most high economic, cultural and artistic level, of that time.

He who forgets history is likely to have difficulties to visualize the future…..