Head of the Tourism Organization Ulcinj, Zana SavranTranslated by Arjeta Leskovci

The ITB tourism fair is best known for the renewal of the contract between the Hotel Corporation ‘Ada Bojana’ and the German agency ‘ Obena’. ‘ This renewal of the contract with the renown nudism agency will bring the nudist settlement its old splendor’ says the Head of the Tourism Organization, Zana Savran.

‘The splendor will stand on its feet again’ says Zana Savran for the daily ‘ Pobjeda’.

According to her, the German tourists like a real recess, untouched natural areas, and above all hospitality, which make the backbone of Ulcinj tourism.

‘For rarely will a nation be so proud of its natural beauty’ says the head of the Tourism Organization, Zana Savran.

The most appealing parts of this town are:

The nudist settlement ‘Ada Bojana’

Long Beach

The Bojana River

The Valdanos Bay, and the last but not the least, the Pine Forest.

‘ We are likely to have tourism only during July and August, until the complete renovation of the demolished hotels and the construction of the new ones’ says Zana Sarvan.