The devastation of the Pine Forest-Ulcinj-MontenegroTranslated by Arijeta Ljeskovac

If we don’t act soon, and put a stop to the degradation, our pinewoods, this unique, mesmerizing, maritime spot, surrounded by numerous beaches, could soon send us the warning signs of total change and disappearance.

It goes without saying that these pine trees breathe new life into our lungs, the lungs of asthma sufferers, and those affected by various kinds of respiratory diseases.

This unique spot has disclosed its deepest secret to all women (fertile or infertile), who can enjoy the amazing benefits of sulphur water and sulphur crystals.

Bathing and soaking in sulphur water have successfully treated infertility throughout decades.
The most endangered part expands from the former hotel ” Galeb ” leading up to the strikingly beautiful hotel ” Albatros” and its surrounding. The soil erosion, neglect, and devastation, have worsened significantly in the recent years.
Rain keeps washing away the soil around the trees, resulting in stripped and exposed roots. The latest photos taken at this very location can back up the story of the stripped roots. The Revitalization Project undertaken by the Coastal Zone Management has never been concluded. The very first phase of restoration encompassed the area between hotel ” Galeb” and hotel ” Albatros “. In the one hectare area, they carried out the removal of the weakened, fallen trees, the planting of the new ones, and the levelling off of the uneven surfaces.

Source: DAN