The campground „Ada“: For everyone who likes camping comfortably in one’s one accommodation, there is another mini oasis for nudists – the campground which is located next to the entrance to the hotel complex on the island Ada. Its surface covers 54000 square meters, and it can accommodate 220 people at the same time. The campground disposes of 56 electricity connections, 4 bathrooms, 16 toilets, 4 washstands and 7 street lamps.
Ada Bojana is one of the most “official” naturist beaches in the country.

The island is referred to as the nudist colony. The island is situated on the southernmost tip of Montenegro, in the city of Ulcinj.  It has a triangular shape and is bordered from two sides by The Bojana river, and by Adriatic Sea from south-west. It has an area of 4,8 square km. The island is artificial, created by gathering river sand around ship sunk at the mouth of Bojana river. This isle is connected to the mainland with a bridge and both its sides feature characteristic raft called “kalimera“, which are wooden platforms with nets lifted and sank into the water by levers.

Ada Bojana has 3 km long sandy beach and is covered by thick vegetation that makes it a special micro ecological world, the home of rare plants and rare animals. It is an excellent place for bird and plant safaris.

Ada Bojana still has a lot of renovating to do but if you are nature lovers, it is a good place to go to.