Ulcinj Salina in Montenegro-BIRDTranslated by Arijeta Ljeskovac

This Conference is organized by the Centre for Protection and Research of Birds, in collaboration with Ulcinj Municipality and the German EuroNatur.
The agreed conclusions with the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Toursim have not been adopted yet; therefore the entire workload will be done so as to bring Salina’s national and international importance to the surface.
Although the overall protection of this ecosystem was achieved by setting up a temporary management (National Park of Montenegro) and by repairing the pumps which are vital to the hydrological system, the agreed conclusions of the last year’s conference did not meet the daybreak.

Ulcinj Salina paradise of biodiversity threatened with extinction-3
The second Conference organized by the Centre for Protection and Research of Birds in collaboration with various partners will be a resumption of negotiations with the International Organization. The Centre for Protection and Research of Birds along with other partners, believe that the full stop concerning all the problems regarding Salina will turn into a comma, for the sentence hasn’t finished yet.
All these partners believe they will overthrow the stumbling blocks from their path. In addition to numerous representatives who will show examples of best practice and the incorporated new knowledge related to Salinas (such as Bulgary), a lot will be stated about the impact of Ulcinj Salina on the neighbouring countries, and the necessary measures undertaken to preserve wildlife in general and the Dalmatian Pelicans in particular.
Secretary General of the Ramsar Convention will clear all the doubts and disputes regarding the international protection of Ulcinj Salina.

Ulcinj Salina paradise of biodiversity threatened with extinction-

The participants of the Conference will be addressed by the Head of the EU Delegation to Montenegro, Mitja Drobnic, Ambassador of Germany to Montenegro, Gudrun Steinacker, Ambassador of U.S Ann Uyehara, as well as the Prince of Montenegro Nikola Petrović Njegoš. Among many international organizations, there will be the representatives of BirdLife International, as well as the representatives of Polish, Bulgarian, and Greek Embassies who have unceasingly contributed to the protection of Ulcinj Salina.
The organization of the conference was made easier with the assistance of BirdLife International, MAVA Foundation, and the Organization for the endangered species.