Mosque of the Pasha on the Small beach-Ulcinj-1


Translated by Arijeta Ljeskovac

The complex consists of: the mosque, the Türbe, and the hammams.

The tap vanished back in 1970.

“I can still recall the image of the imam, hajji Januz effendi Myrtoja” – says Prim. Dr. Gani Karamanaga.
Mütevellis Jakup Nimanbegu and Maliq Suljemani took care of the mosque.

The Imam in charge of the mosque is Nusret effendi Cenaj. One of the graves inside the Turbe is said to contain the body of the muezzin.

The main road and the road close to the Mosque were under construction in 1970.
The engineer in charge of the constructions L.B after asking a few questions about the tap, stated: “Pasha won’t be drinking from this tap any longer.”
Professor Perica Djuraskovic who was the owner of the parcel where the tap was built, turned to the engineer asking him to construct the wall. Everything fell on deaf ears.
The wall was never constructed.
This is how the emblem vanished into thin air.
The taps were build throughout the fifties; in the vicinity of the flea market “the butcher’s tap”; the tap close to Muharrem Ishmi and the family Mollabeqiri; the taps at the small Beach, close to family Sadiku; the one at the Pasha Mosque as well as the tap under the walls of the Old Town.

Zaim Ramusoviq 1987-1969-Ulqin

While having a coffee with Burhan Karamanaga and Ruzhdi Dervishi, I heard an anecdote.
– Zaim Ramusovic pushed his wheelbarrow for 50 years. He lived at the small beach, close to the Mosque. Zaim lived in the Old Town for a while. Zaim’s bride was a midwife. As a midwife, she assisted women during childbirth.
Every single time he rode the horse close to the house of Muharrem Ishmi or in the vicinity of Pasha Mosque, the horse would stop to unfasten the tap with his bare teeth. After gulping water down the throat, the horse would fasten the tap.  The story was confirmed by Zaim’s nephew, Muzafer Belo Caushi . “Muzafer sent me a photo that validates the story of Zaim and the horse” – says Prim. Dr. Gani Karamanaga.

Zaim would make it to the gates of his house along with his horse.
Pasha Mosque has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
“Imam Ali effendi Bardhi told me that “Tika” from Turkey will soon start the reconstruction of the hammams” – says Prim. Dr. Gani Karamanaga.