Illyrian Shas -Sas -Svac-5An archaeological museum and St.Mary Church (Shen Mrise), Legendary historical garden, Ulcinjs old town, St. Nicholas (Shen Nikola) Orthodox Church, the Church in Shtoj, as well as Ulcinjs Mosque– are some of the most visited tourist facilities in the city of Ulcinj.

Sometimes visitors of the city would like to be familiar with places that are not so well known, to feel the cities rhythm, to get close to unknown details.

So far it was almost impossible to find information for such diverse stroll in the city of Ulcinj. This is the reason the entrepreneurship center and one managing development should start with project called “Ulcinj unknown” which will be financed by the municipality of Ulcinj with funds from the budget.

This would mean the making of a map of the least known sites and it would provide instructions for reaching them. The map will serve Ulcinj tourists, which can be reached as in the paper, or online. The main goal is to systemize information, make it easy and affordable, so that tourists can reach the preferred site and also can exactly be informed of what they expect to see. The project is small, but the idea is to make it more popular. We want to motivate people, who live nearby or have a specific interest to look after places, to keep them clean. For this specific purpose we will try to attract the support of business.


Map with more interesting places, but less popular architectural, cultural or historical values, will be processed at the end of the project, which will be distributed through the city’s main places such as bus stations, in the entrance of the beach, taxi stations, shopping etc.


Visit-Ulcinj” staff tried to reach up into a circle of people with the question- What is your country, which is little known and not famous? We can study with you these historical documents and photographs of the city of Ulcinj. We could receive information from local administration, from the municipality of Ulcinj and also non-governmental organizations. Ulcinj will be also assisted by the media and internet.


One of the proposed objects for new touristic map will be the Ulcinjs old town, but also one another interesting place, which isn’t opened yet for tourists, is the oldest church “Saint Mary” in Shas / Šas / Svač. Results from the survey showed that many of the inhabitants of the city would show to their abroad relatives the historical and cultural values of the city of Ulcinj./H.B/