Ulcinj Salina paradise of biodiversity threatened with extinction-1Translated by Arijeta Ljeskovac

Ulcinj Salina is one of the largest Salinas throughout the Mediterranean. It is a haven for wildlife, a bird sanctuary. Breeding and wintering have become a part and parcel of this place. In the last 30 years, Salina has obtained both national and international recognition. It is a perfect example of a synergy between the biodiversity protection and salt production. The synergy between the sun and wind brings forth numerous health benefits, such the formation of the medicinal mud.

Thanks to the rich biodiversity, bird-watching has become an international pastime.

It is a meeting point of different bird species, such as Microcarbo pygmeus, Glareola pratincola, Phoenicopterus roseus, Pelecanus, etc. Poaching was banned in 1984.

Ulcinj Salina paradise of biodiversity threatened with extinction-

Salina was declared a biosphere reserve by the board of directors in 2004. Poaching, fishing, and the movement of unauthorized people were banned in 2004. All this was undertaken for a sole reason – the prevention of outer influence on the production of salt. Salina has ceased with the production of the “white gold” after 80 years of ongoing work.

Ulcinj Salina is not a work of nature. It was created by humans as a rough draft, but nature turned it into a masterpiece, creating a huge biodiversity.

Ulcinj Salina paradise of biodiversity threatened with extinction-2

Whatever you have seen on TV, whatever you have read in the newspapers, on blogs, portals, sites, nothing will ever bring you that close to understand what Salina actually is. You have to step its soil, and explore it all by yourself.

Salina “Bajo Sekulić” is the oldest enterprise in Ulcinj. Everything your eyes witness while visiting it, is a bad example of what privatization is. The bad example was set in 2005, when Veselin Barovic, the Prime Minister’s friend, bought Salina for nothing more than 800.000€. The company went belly-up; there was a national shortage of salt production.

Barovic wanted to strike it rich by trying to sell it for 260 million €. Had he sold it, he would have made a 300-fold profit.

Ulcinj Salina paradise of biodiversity threatened with extinction-3

He never had to break a single sweat to invest in the company. The company would have been destroyed, and the land sold.

The pipes that incessantly carried the water along with the food for flamingos and other birds coming from different places of the world, ceased to work properly. (Slobodna Evropa, 7. avgust, 2015)

In case Salina continues to produce the salt the way it did up to the very last harvest witnessed in 2013, it would definitely be using the oldest way ever. – said Aleksandar Perovic from CZIP.

Aleksandar mentioned Secovlje, the largest Slovenian Saltwork, the cultural monument of national importance.

The Natives say that the Piran Salt should be included in UNESCO’S World Heritage List.

Yet Sečovlje is 15 times smaller than Ulcinj Salina.

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Odd defense mechanisms


You are mistaken if you think that being messy is only a human trait. Messiness is a part and parcel of numerous bird species in Ulcinj Salina – their nests are too dirty, therefore they are foul-smelling.

Flying is a very efficient way of defense against numerous predators. Nevertheless, a great deal of birds that are unable to fly or run away from danger, have developed a brilliant defense mechanism; once in danger they vomit a foul, sticky substance, that clings to the predator’s feathers.

Why does this happen? The answer is simple. The hatchlings throw up once they sense danger coming close to their nests.


CZIP stated: “If we were to look for the most mesmerizing spot for bird-watching throughout the Adriatic Sea, the Balkans, and the whole Mediterranean area, our Salina would definitely be among the best.

With 245 registered species, Salina is a real paradise for birds.

The climate change has an effect on the timing of migration. This year, the migration is late due to the mild winter.

12 species of amphibians, 28 species of reptiles, and 32 species of fish have been registered so far.

Flamingos obtain their pink color by eating brine shrimps. According to researchers, 24 tones of brine shrimps were found in Salina during 1999.

Ulcinj Salina paradise of biodiversity threatened with extinction-7

Buffet breakfast


If you happen to visit Salina during spring or early summer, feel free to pick the edible (Salicornia herbacea).

It can be used for salads and stews. There is no need to add salt, due to its high salt content.

Salicornia herbacea contains proteins, fat, Sacharose…

It grows in high-salt coastal marshes. Salicornia can only be found in Tivat and Ulcinj.

 Medicinal mud -ulcinj-salina-

Miraculous cosmetics from Solana


After visiting Salina, you will forget about day and night creams, as well as moisturizers for oily and dry skin. All the creams and moisturizers will be replaced by the medicinal mud that you can dig up all by yourself. You will have to dig some 30-50cm to reach the black substance.


Medicinal mud usage


Medicinal mud is used for skin and rheumatic diseases. Since it’s loaded with health benefits, this mud can treat arthritis. Salina is truly a paradise for eco and health tourism…


Ulcinj Salina has achieved a widespread recognition, catching the attention of every single being, especially birdwatchers.

Numerous agencies have brought Ulcinj Salina to international attention. It qualifies as Emerald site of Wetlands of International Importance. Salina is a perfect wetland since it consists of marshes, swamps; saturated land. Salina faces a huge threat, the threat of draining. Drainage schemes, overfishing, poaching, are done for commercial reasons. Salina satisfies only 6 out of 9 criteria for identifying as Wetland of International Importance. The European Nature Heritage Fund – EuroNatur stated that this wetland should be protected by the law.

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