Ulcinj-turism-MontenegroTranslated by Anida Resulbegu

This season holidaymakers from Bosnia and Herzegovina are visiting Montenegro in large number. Sandy beaches and affordable prices are crucial reasons why Ulcinj has become a favorite destination for tourists from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In April this year we had a promotion of our tourist offer in Sarajevo, and recently the most influential journalists from Bosnia and Herzegovina visited Ulcinj. We expected a good visit but not in this large number emphasized the Tourist Organization of Ulcinj. Manager at that institution Cazim Hodzic says that Ulcinj for tourists from Bosnia and Herzegovina is becoming a top destination because it can offer hospitality, rich cuisine and affordable prices. “We are expecting the visit to continue in September. The 12 kilometer sandy beach, it is rare to be found. There are of course other places suitable for family holidays and for young people” added Hodzic.


Sand and Long beach

It is the Long Beach with fine and medical sand that attracts the most of them who are going on vacation with their families. “For 10 years I come every year” says for Deutsche Welle one guest from Doboj and states that “the sand and this beach” are decisive factors why we visit Ulcinj. The specificity of the Long Beach is that there is a part which is reserved only for covered women, as in Ulcinj the well-known “Women’s beach” with sources of sulfur water. On the other hand, for four decades in Ulcinj there is a nudist beach located on the heavenly island of Ada, on the estuary of the river Bojana into the Adriatic Sea.

Ismet Pasic from Sarajevo resides regularly in Ulcinj with his family since the year 2000 and is very pleased with the overall conditions. “I’ve been coming for a long time. It is great I am satisfied” he says, and to our question what attracted him the most he replies: “Beaches. They are especially suitable for children.” Ismet Pasic claimed that this year Ulcinj has numerous guests from Bosnia and Herzegovina. “Croatia is more expensive now that has joined the European Union, so that more tourists decide for Montenegro, Ulcinj mostly” he says.


Place of culture interfusion and religions

Ulcinj was founded in the fifth century BC and is one of the oldest cities on the Adriatic coast, a meeting place and fruitful permeation of great civilization, cultures and religions, known pirate’s nest in which the famous Spanish writer Miguel Cervantes talks about his most famous slavery on the novel “Don Quixote”.

“This is truly a place for rest and good amusement, although there is space for a lot more to be done” says a 35-year-old women from Sarajevo Munevera Kebo. “After 20 years, I came to visit Montenegro. Nature is very beautiful. Maintenance could get a little bit better. A lot of places to go out and the prices are affordable. It isn’t really that bad but it could get much better”. However, tourist movements are not just one-way. Montenegrin citizens in large number are spending their winter holiday in the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Author: Mustafa Canka

Deutsche Welle