Ulcinj-tourism-MontenegroTranslated by Anida Resulbegu

The support of   Montenegrin tourist organization does not seem to comply with the level  of  the preparations for the upcoming  touristic season in the municipality of Ulcinj.It is worth mentioning that  regarding this matter, contributions are  being  given selectively  like, for example, to the Budvan Riviera. In general, some of the Montenegrin tourism officials have seen promoting   the expansion of  Budva’s touristic sector with politic rather than commercial lenses.

During recent regional promotional tourism fairs, tour operators were very disappointed by the support received from the tourism authorities, and stated that the TV cameras were mostly focused on declarations and political meetings whilst ignoring their promotional stalls.


Also during state activities the political dominance resulted in week communication among businesses in tourism sector of Ulcinj.

In the previous year Montenegro- the main competitor of Albania and Croatia according to tourism development strategy-  was widely  advertised on  Euronews and CNN, as well through a very  attractive website, however Ulcinj coast  was only seen for one second in the adverts ,still kept  away from economic support.

I do not want to say that I am pessimistic about prospects of my city Ulcinj, but we haven’t reached yet to  a position of having an evocative and elite tourist offer.

We have primarily an informal tourism sector, with a microscopic number of  licensed centers, with a much desired service quality and  prices too high for the performed value of services. Lack of equity in fiscal treatment and alternative family offers- which are tolerated for the purpose of alleviating  poorness- has shown interest to enrich the supply by operators who respect the law and claim a long-term attendance in the market.

Long-Beach of Ulcinj-Montenegro

Our tourist areas are still suffering from a very backward  investment concept.

Last year Croatia was massively favored by a slight price increase in Montenegro, where the expectation  to attract tourist was strengthened thanks to the international marketing of that country. Croatia has already consolidated its position at the European level as the main attraction of the Adriatic, while this year, Montenegro is expected to benefit from the geographical proximity to this country and the significant difference with it in touristic offer. Ulcinj in this case is not favored. Nowadays, the tourist offer in this area is primitive: sand and fast food. Although construction continues, the situation is very desperate.

I also believe that the energy crisis during the touristic season will however affect the absorbing ability as much as the water supply crisis last year. The Ministry of Tourism has an imperative need to build an inter-ministerial structure with several departments, but especially with the local government of Ulcinj, to assess what can be done with  the tourist  emergence this year. Particularly in the coastal area should urgently launch a registration process of tour operators, their qualification for the services they offer through standardization, the Licensing of tourism etc. with the reformulation of the parameters offer at least slightly competitive, the Ministry can begin with seasonal process of fiscal incentives if there is a political will. Facilitate of fiscal burden for hotels to increase the number of nights by balancing this with alternative service (food/entertainment, etc) would be a quick way of favoring the sector.


Over all I think that the strategy of tourism development of Ulcinj should be reformulated, especially in raising the knowledge level in the world , promoting the city as a whole- not just as natural beauty. These strategic steps require the involvement of not only the citisens but many others.