Hotel-Dvori-Balsica-Ulcinj-Montenegro-8The natural beauty of the City, centuries old buildings with elements of Baroque and Renaissance style. The tower of  Balšića , the palace Venezia, Piazza slaves, Long Beach, Southern Soul Festival – are only part of what awaits you ..

In addition to the favorable geographical position, the answer to the question why this southernmost Montenegrin town has always attracted people from all over the world, lies in the natural beauty of this area. The Mediterranean climate with about 218 sunny days a year, it is suitable for subtropical vegetation which abounds in Ulqin/Ulcinj . Olives, citrus, pine, agave and palm trees and many other types of surround some of the most beautiful beaches and bays on the Adriatic. The best known of all the beaches in Ulqin/Ulcinj , Riviera is miles long and covered with fine sand Long Beach. Staying on it is a unique experience during the day, especially at sunset during the magical play of light and color.

Southern Soul Festival Montenegro-2016

From 30 June to 3 July Big Beach  will host more than 40 names of soul, jazz, disco and house music at Southern Soul Festival. Summer days with performances by artists from the region and the world can be a perfect addition to or even cause for your holiday in Ulqin/Ulcinj.


It is unthinkable to talk about this city, not to mention Ada Bojana, which many call the real miracle of nature. The two sides of the island’s surrounding waters of the river Bojana, a third more. According to legend, a crucial moment for the formation of Ade took place in 1858 when it sank the ship “Merito”. Shipwrecks retentive river sediments and eventually merged two smaller islands, thus creating the island Ada.

Ada Bojana identified and a nudist resort and beach. Occultation, the beauty of this place provides the necessary privacy and relaxation nudists from the region and the world. Besides them, in recent years here “at home” feel and lovers of kite surfing that there are perfect conditions to enjoy this popular sport.