Clock-Tower-of-Ulcinj-Montenegro-1Translated by Aleksandar Gazivoda

The clock tower is one of the most historical monuments of Ulqin, which was built iz 1754,it’s architecture is wonderful and incredible ,so it is one of the most popular sightseeing among the tourists in our town.

It is built in the middle of 18th century by donations that made citizens of Ulqin.

The reason that it was built is to show the clock and announce to the people to go to their jobs.

The clock tower’s sight was chosen carefully, so the clock could be seen and heard from every part of the city, but not including the new part of the city which was built years later.

Its base is rectanglular, while it’s walls are square, built with irregularly carved stones .It is built near the Mosque of Namazgjahu and near the Mosque of the top of the town.

Earlier, there was another clock tower older than this that we are discovering to you, it was built in Old Town (Kalaja) and it was destroyed by a thunderbolt in 1854.

The clock tower was maintained by a person who is called in local phrase “Mulvekit”.


The clock tower has a spiral form inside built with carved stones, and it is 30 meters high.

Its architecture is very attractive, and it is very popular among tourists.

More modern clock was introduced to the old tower in 1980’ which was bought in CzekoSllovakia by former Montenegrin government.

The clock tower was damaged when Ulqin was hit by an earthquake in year of 1979.Afterwards it was successfully renovated and remained one of the sights that is most interesting to visit.

A number of ideas how to explore the clock tower and make it more attractive to tourists are given by respectful tour guide from Ulqin Ismet Karamanaga.