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Tourism Lifts Montenegro, but Unevenly
The government and private investors are benefiting from the Adriatic country’s blossoming tourist industry, but locals are facing pollution and traffic The drive south along Montenegro’s cobalt blue Adriatic coastline through the burgeoning resort town of Budva will surely be a pleasant affair one day, but at the moment it’s only slightly more enjoyable than Los Angeles gridlock. Traffic is stop-and-go over the short stretch of road through town; a cacophony of drilling, hammering, and laboring diesel engines harasses... Vazhdo

June 6, 2008  :: Shtypi / Mediji, Turizmi / Turizam :: Comments Off on Tourism Lifts Montenegro, but Unevenly
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Why has James Bond chosen Montenegro?
The popularity of the Montenegrin shore and some new infrastructural facilities on it, such as prestigious hotel Splendid, are beginning to find its place in the top notch Vazhdo  Vazhdo